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Fancy Serial Numbered Currency

The appeal of this type of currency is immediately evident when you view the photos on the rare notes on this website. There has always been a very limited supply of fancy serial numbered notes. These rare collectibles have been actively sought out by sophisticated collectors who wanted "something different" than the usual type design.

What’s happened to the value of fancy serial numbered currency? Listed below are documented prices paid for various types of special serial numbered notes. Will this upward trend continue? There is no way to know. Prices may be at an all time high now and may not progress upwards or could decline in the future. However, looking back on what’s happened during the sixteen years that we’ve specialized in these collectibles, prices have moved steadily upwards. Even the U.S. stock market woes of 2000-2002 didn’t negatively affect the prices realized for these special notes.

Special Serial Numbers

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