In 1864 Laban Heath from Boston, MA obtained permission from Congress to use the original BEP plates to create his counterfeit detector books so people would have an original impression of a banknote to determine authenticity at sight--this was incredibly helpful for bank tellers and cashiers. Not only would he use the plates to show what a real engraving looks like, but he would describe what to look for in a counterfeit as well as the likelihood of a design feature to be successfully counterfeited. The note offered here is one that appeared in the Second Edition of Heath's Counterfeit Detector book in 1866. It is an Original Series $100 the First National Bank of Boston, MA. To deter nefarious intentions, these were all printed one side only with two cancellation holes done at the Treasury. This remains entirely free of any handling and has the common previous mounting remnant on the blank back. Of course, this note is non-negotiable; however, an issued note close to this grade would be well above $50k.
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