$20 1882-BB Ninth NB of Philadelphia, PA Ch# 3371 =SERIAL #1 BROWN BACK= PMG Ch EF 45

$20 1882 Brown Back, Fr. 496 =SERIAL NUMBER ONE= From the Ninth National Bank of Philadelphia, PA identified as Charter #3371. There are only 26 Large Size Nationals known on the bank and only 6 of which are Brown Backs! Not only is this exceptionally scarce with a limited population, it has the most desirable and coveted serial number--1. Serial number one national banknotes stand alone at the top of most collector’s desirability ladder, a true numismatic dream which precious few ever realize. The importance of owning the first note printed is appreciated by everyone, including non-collectors. Items such as these belong on display in the issuing bank (or its successor), community historical museums, as well as in the holdings of private individuals. Comment of 'repaired' exists on the back of the holder; however, we wish you the best of luck as you search for it. PMG Choice Extremely Fine 45, net
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