$10 1929 NBN, Guttenberg NJ Ch# 12806, Inverted Overprint =VERY RARE= Book Value $50k PMG 35

$10 1929 NBN, Guttenberg (NJ), Charter 12806, Inverted Overprint. Brown serial numbers + Treasury seal upside down creating an incomparable visual effect. So prohibitively rare that even the most comprehensive collections of error notes lack an example. The error is documented on a mere five banks, with a single example, from a given bank, typifying the census. Specimens from anywhere in the country appear for public sale less than once every twenty years. The breath-taking specimen offered here is likely the finest extent. Wonderfully preserved and lovingly stored it appears considerably nicer than the assigned technical grade. An example is illustrated on page 170 of the 4th edition of United States Paper Money Errors where it carries a value of $50,000 in EF and is unpriced in higher grades. The crown jewel and pinnacle of the collection it enters next. Truly an opportunity of the millennium. PMG Ch Very Fine 35
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